Set amidst polarizing election fears—
immigrants and job take-overs,
terrorists in waiting, and outsider
agendasShirtless Men Drink Free is a
novel that makes vivid the human soul’s
struggle in a world bedeviled by desire
and the fears that leave us all asking—

“Engaging, beautifully written and
resplendent with realism.”

__The Local Voice

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Dwaine Rieves’ When the Eye
offers us that rarity, a poet-
doctor’s book of days.

the everyday here becomes magical—
not because the poet is engaged in
false pyrotechnics or inventions, but
because he knows with an earned
heart-knowledge that each human
face can provide a map—leading us
into the miracle of creation itself.

__Carolyn Forché, on selecting the 2005
Tupelo Press Award for Poetry

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